These packages are suitable for 4 months - 7 years and will provide you everything you need for your child to sleep well at night and take long, restful naps during the day

Do you have an infant or toddler and dread the bedtime routine? Is it taking hours of rocking, patting, shhh-ing - only to repeat again for each night waking? Or maybe you have  a young child who is getting up and leaving their bedroom multiple times a night? 

Let's fix that!


A preliminary evaluation

You will fill out a questionnaire that will allow me to better understand your child, their personality, routine and habits so that I can develop a sleep solution that personally suits them.

Your one-on-one consultation

(phone or in person) We will go over the sleep needs for your child, strategies, how to tackle bedtime, what to do with night- wakings and how to approach naps.

Your personalized sleep strategy 

This sleep plan will be provided and explained in detail during your consultation. It will give you a step by step guide on how to get your child on a path to achieving better sleep.

Follow up phone calls 

 typically ranging from 15-20 minutes in length, we will discuss how things are progressing  with implementing your sleep plan and troubleshoot any difficulties that may have come up. Our first call will take place after Night 1.

Unlimited email support  

Beginning on night 1 and continuing for the duration of the program, you will have access to unlimited email support (emails will be answered within 24 hours)

Resource Guide

This includes everything you will need to know moving forward. Some topics include: nap transitions, traveling, sickness, and developmental milestones 


Refresher packages

(for previous clients)



  • Preliminary Evaluation

  • 1 hr phone call

  • Up to 1 page of written recommendations/ supporting documentation

* please note that to be eligible for this package we must have worked together in the past.

AMA "Ask Me Anything" Call


  • Preliminary Evaluation

  • 30 minute phone call where I give you as much as information and tips as I can during our time together.

Free sleep talks and paid seminars available upon request

meet heather


Hey! I'm Heather, a wife and formerly sleep deprived momma to three boys and a little girl. I am also a certified sleep consultant. Don't believe the myth that sleep deprivation is a badge of honour you need to wear in parenthood. We all need healthy sleep because I believe that healthy sleep leads to a happy, healthy, well rested baby... and family.


Maybe it's short naps, sleeping through the night, night wakings,  early mornings or a never-ending sleep regression that you are dealing with.


My qualifications and experience allow me to offer you the techniques, methods and support you need to see your little one sleeping well once and for all.

Free Sleep Guide

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