Meet Heather

So who am I and where to I come from? I am a born and bred Canadian who married an Aussie. Now we live in small town Australia with our two boys.


After spending years as a youth worker, children/ youth Pastor and a Medical Centre Office Manager, I began taking a keen interest in the science of sleep. 

When my first son was born,  birth and postpartum had a huge impact on my physical, mental and emotional state.  It is no secret that I did not cope very well- AT ALL. Sleep deprivation made everything worse. It affected my relationships, my personality and it prevented me from being the parent I so desperately longed to be. This wasn't what I had envisioned when day dreaming of my life as a mum. That's when I came to learn that it didn't have to be this way!

Giving the gift of sleep to my baby was nothing short of amazing. He was well rested and happy. Equally as important was the impact it had on me. Sleep was the answer to so much more. Sleep gave me energy. It gave me more patience, helped my emotions and helped me communicate. Sleep helped me think. Sleep made me more present and sleep made me feel like me again. And it's no wonder... without sleep the human body cannot survive. 

As a certified sleep consultant, I've made it my mission to educate families on the importance of quality sleep. Using a gentle tailored solution made up specifically for your family, I will help you achieve solid naps and night time sleep for your baby. Actually, lets be honest, the whole family will be getting much more sleep....and they'll be much happier because of it!


I made it a priority to be trained and mentored by a world renowned sleep expert through a comprehensive  certification program so that I can help children and their families get the sleep they need just like I did. I will work with you one on one to find a solution that you are comfortable with and that works with your family. You can read more about my sleep philosophy here. Let's get started with a free evaluation by contacting me using one of the buttons below.