Sleep Advice for Newborns and expecting parents

Develop good sleep habits while encouraging a secure attachment with your newborn

No naps, short naps, long night wakings, early mornings? Did the four month sleep regression never end?

we offer gentle sleep solutions for ages 0-5 years

—  Dr Chris Fenton, GP

Heather is someone who everyone would agree is of the highest character and integrity. I cannot think of anyone who would do a better job of wisely supporting other new or recent mothers.

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Sleep deprivation isn't a badge of honour you need to wear as a parent.

Healthy sleep leads to a happy, healthy, well rested baby... and family. Sometimes being the parent you always wanted to be just takes a little more sleep .


Maybe it's short naps, sleeping through the night, night wakings,  early mornings or a never-ending sleep regression that you are dealing with. My qualifications and experience allow me to offer you the techniques, methods and support you need to see your little one sleeping well once and for all.


Heather Edeling, Founder , Owner and Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant 5 years experience

sometimes being the parent you want to be just takes a little more sleep.

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